We’re Havin’ a (Launch) Party

Oct 25, 2012 by

We’re Havin’ a (Launch) Party

Are you hearing Southside Johnny singing in your head yet? ‘Cuz we’re havin’ a party, everybody’s swingin’, listen to the music on the radio-o-o-o.

Okay, I’m back now. As you may have heard, I’ve just had a book published!┬áSummer Melody (which I might add would make a WONDERFUL holiday present – blatant shameless plug alert).

In any event, I want to celebrate! This sort of thing does not happen to me everyday! Shocking, but true. So for all my friends and readers in the general Seattle vicinity, there will be a open house launch party next week, and you’re all invited!



Date: Saturday Nov. 3

Time: 4-7:30 pm

Place: The Bindlestick Coffee and Beer House, 8010 Railroad Ave. SE, Snoqualmie WA

But wait, there’s more!

Did I mention there will be prizes raffled off? Some amazing pieces from uber-talented local artists will be raffled off during the party, including a photographic print by Ellen Decola, a painting canvas print by artist Patricia Tamburini, and pottery by Andrew Young.