Ten Reasons I Love My Small Town

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Ten Reasons I Love My Small Town

10. It doesn’t matter where or how my children misbehave; I WILL find out about it within half an hour of its occurrence.

9. I recognize all my fellow dog walkers and know them–as they also know me–by their dog’s name. “Hey look! It’s Rex and his owner!”

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8. All the baristas know my order.

7. The parades ROCK! There is something outrageously warm and fuzzy about seeing kids strut their stuff and showing off their tumbling/martial arts/gymnastics/cheer/unicycle moves down a small stretch of road.

6. There is such little need to wear makeup or dress up that people make surprised comments when I do.

5.  I don’t feel peer pressure to go to night-time events; prime-time TV and bedtime at 10:00 is totally okay.

4. I always run into someone I know at the grocery store.


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3. One screen movie theaters with free matinees during school breaks and popcorn costing less than $5 per bag.

2. Three words: Killer block parties

1. Community still means something. After my town of Snoqualmie’s epic flood in 2009, there were countless stories of tiny acts of heroism and compassion: a neighbor rowing to her elderly neighbor’s house to retrieve medicine; whole groups of people going door-to-door after the waters receded, offering to haul away debris.

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