Summer Melody

July 24, 2013: Summer Melody on Digital Book Today!

Summer Melody is being featured this week on Digital Book Today as one of its Weekly Featured Great Reads! Click here to see the rest of the picks!

July 8, 2013-Aug. 8, 2013: Summer Melody Giveaway on Good Reads!

Because every summer needs a few good summer reads, I’m giving away 5 copies of Summer Melody on Goodreads! Click here to enter!

May 20, 2013: Excerpt available!

Click here to read an excerpt from Summer Melody.

April 22-24, 2013:

Summer Melody was FREE for Kindle owners and this time, reached #1 (I kid you not! #1!!!) in Women’s Fiction! My readers are the BEST!

February 26-27, 2013:

Summer Melody was FREE for Kindle owners and reached #2 in Genre Fiction/Family Life! Thanks to everyone who supported it!

January 3, 2013:

My little book is growing up! It has its first website book review. Reviewer Charlotte Lynn of A Novel Review reviewed Summer Melody and gave it four stars!

November 20, 2012:

Who says there’s no such thing as a free book? Summer Melody is FREE today and tomorrow on Amazon for the Kindle!! (Dare I say it would be a rockin’ book to read on planes, trains, or automobiles? Because it would.:)) (Click on the book cover below to go directly to get your FREE copy!)

Summer Melody

November 6, 2012:

Long distance readers, friends, and family, this is for YOU!

It’s time to celebrate the publication of my first novel, Summer Melody, from Booktrope Publishing. This virtual launch party will go on all WEEK and it will rock.

Did I mention PRIZES? I have killer prizes to give away ALL WEEK just for stopping by and leaving a comment.

First, let’s set the atmosphere. Go put some music on the stereo – maybe a little ABBA, or Prince – whatever makes you shake your booty. Now get all that leftover Halloween candy and pick your favorites.

Finally, settle in to that comfy computer chair and check out all the items you could win:

A signed paperback copy or e-book of Summer Melody

A signed copy of Tess Hardwick‘s Riversong. In this novel, Tess assembles a colorful cast of endearing small-town characters and takes you on a journey that will make you believe in the possibilities of life – even in the face of overwhelming adversity and unimaginable grief. Lee Tucker is the kind of woman you find yourself rooting for long after the last page is read. When her husband commits suicide, he leaves her pregnant and one million dollars in debt to a loan shark. Out of options, she escapes to her deceased mother’s dilapidated house located in a small Oregon town that, like her, is financially ruined, heartbroken and in desperate need of a fresh start. Lee’s resilience leads to a plan for a destination restaurant named Riversong, to new chances for passion and love, and to danger from her dead husband’s debt as her business blooms.

A copy of Gale Martin‘s comic novel Don Juan in Hankey, PA. Peek beneath the surface of an extraordinary small-town opera company, and get to know a fabulous cast of characters: determined flirts, a lusty singing gaucho, ingenious manipulators, a bipolar ketchup heiress, devious lovers, and some very determined ghosts. Delve into high society in Hankey, PA – a world of simmering seductions, convoluted mysteries and entertaining intrigues. You may laugh out loud. You may cheer for the gang of misfits trying to save their opera house from foreclosure by improbably staging a world-class production of Mozart’s masterpiece. You may feel a tug at your heartstrings as lonely lovers look for new romance.

A copy of Heather Huffman‘s romantic suspense novel Throwaway. A woman trapped into prostitution fights for her life back in this tale of romantic suspense.  Jessie Jones is living the life–except for the fact that she earns it by working the streets. She’s been under pimp Spence’s thumb for fourteen years, and she isn’t looking for change. That is, until undercover cop Gabe walks into her life and offers her something she’s never had before: a love, a future, a home. But even if Jessie could walk away from Spence, there are darker forces of evil who want her to stay put, or worse, dead. In this romantic suspense, author Heather Huffman delivers an adventure from the vibrant streets of St. Louis to the caves of the Ozarks as Jessie discovers whether she can love another, whether she can love herself, and whether any of it is enough.

A copy of Heather Huffman‘s romantic suspense novel Suddenly A Spy.Thrown into a world of espionage, seduction, and human trafficking, Veronica must fight for the life and husband she thought she had – and she must discover whether they are the life and husband she truly wants.On her wedding day, Veronica Sinclair thinks she has it all: the loving family, the Vera Wang dress, the hunky husband. But then a mysterious and beautiful woman shows up at the reception, suggesting Veronica’s new hubby isn’t exactly who he says he is. As if that weren’t enough, Veronica and Richard must flee gunmen in the middle of their honeymoon, convincing Veronica she got more than she bargained for when she said, “I do.”

A copy of Bharti Kirchner‘s mystery Tulip Season.A missing domestic-violence counselor. A wealthy and callous husband. A dangerous romance.Kareena Sinha, an Indian-American domestic-violence counselor, disappears from her Seattle home. When the police dismiss suspicions that she herself was a victim of spousal abuse, her best friend, Mitra Basu, a young landscape designer, resolves to find her.Mitra’s search reveals glimpses of a secret life involving her friend and a Bollywood actor of ill repute. Following the trail, Mitra is lured back to India where she uncovers the actor’s ties to the Mumbai underworld and his financial difficulties – landing her in a web of life-threatening intrigue where Mitra can’t be sure of Kareena’s safety or her own.

A copy of Erik Atwell‘s comic novel Thank You for Flying Air Zoe. Your cruising altitude today will be sky high, and you will be flying at staggering speeds as you travel alongside Zoe Tisdale, former Valley Girl and rock star turned bored butter saleswoman. On the heels of a brush with mortality, Zoe concludes that she’s been letting time pass her by. Realizing she needs to awaken her life’s tired refrains, Zoe vows to recapture the one chapter of her life that truly mattered to her – her days as drummer for The Flip-Flops, a spirited, sassy all-girl garage band that almost hit the big time back in 1987. But reuniting the band won’t be easy. The girls who were once the whiz kid guitarist, the prom queen bass player, and the hippie lead singer grew up and became women who are now a reclusive dog trainer, a wealthy socialite, and a sociopathic environmentalist. Will Zoe bring the band back together and give The Flip-Flops a second chance at stardom? Is it possible to fully reclaim the urgent energy of youth?

AND for our grand prize, which I will award on Saturday, Nov. 10, a beautiful 11″x14″ print by photographer Brad Remick of a Costa Rica waterfall.


Photograph by Brad Remick

All you have to do is comment below, and you are eligible to win any of these great launch prizes. Starting Wed. Nov. 7, I will pick two winners a day.

Thank you all SO much for your support. And be sure to share this post, so all your nearest and dearest can get in on the prize action as well!

UPDATE DAY 1: Today’s winners are Jan Richardson and Dolores Resch! Congrats, guys!!

UPDATE DAY 2: Today’s winners are Karla Weeks and Ellen Decola! Congratulations!!

UPDATE DAY 3: Today’s winners are Martha Johnson, Connie Iacovelli, and Elise Bowers! Booyah!

UPDATE DAY 4: The grand prize winner of the Brad Remick photo is Chris Handel! Whoo-hoo! Huzzah!

MAJOR major thanks to everyone who commented and supported me this week for the online launch! Y’all are the BEST!!!

October 25, 2012:

Are you hearing Southside Johnny singing in your head yet? ‘Cuz we’re havin’ a party, everybody’s swingin’, listen to the music on the radio-o-o-o.

Okay, I’m back now. As you may have heard, I’ve just had a book published! Summer Melody (which I might add would make a WONDERFUL holiday present – blatant shameless plug alert).

In any event, I want to celebrate! This sort of thing does not happen to me everyday! Shocking, but true. So for all my friends and readers in the general Seattle vicinity, there will be a open house launch party next week, and you’re all invited!

Date: Saturday Nov. 3

Time: 4-7:30 pm

Place: The Bindlestick Coffee and Beer House, 8010 Railroad Ave. SE, Snoqualmie WA

But wait, there’s more!

Did I mention there will be prizes raffled off? Some amazing pieces from uber-talented local artists will be raffled off during the party, including a photographic print by Ellen Decola, a painting canvas print by artist Patricia Tamburini, and pottery by Andrew Young.


October 18, 2012:

Well, we’ve done it! We’ve published an actual book, purchasable on Amazon and everything! I’m still slightly in shock, because it’s been in the planning stages for so long that the actual publication seemed like a distant dream. Needless to say, I’m thrilled, and I hope you will be too.

Here’s the nitty gritty on how you can purchase the book.  Right now, you can purchase it only through Amazon, either as a paperback or a Kindle edition. And obviously, I won’t stop you from doing this! But you should also know that I’ll be holding a wicked cool virtual launch party soon where you can win copies of my book, other of my staggeringly talented writer friends’ books, photographs and MORE! So watch this page for more detail on that!

In the meantime, PLEASE let me know what you think of the book. I wrote it to be read, and I’m dying to see what my audience has to say.

THANKS for all your support!!

Well, the novel formerly known as Daedalus Rises has a new title: Summer Melody!

October 11, 2012:

We have COVER ART!!! This thing is really going to happen! Check out this cover and tell me if it’s not one of the nicest covers you’ve ever seen! Greg Simanson is the designer and worthy of many bow-downs!

Cover art by Greg Simanson