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You know how you can the inject the extraordinary into the ordinary? Make some pie.

So yesterday, it was the 4th of July and I thought, “Self? What shall I make for the neighborhood BBQ? How about some pie?” Now, I just happened to have Christina Tosi’s Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook laying on my kitchen table, and I hadn’t tried anything from it yet. But reading about her “Crack Pie” made me want it badly, just from reading the recipe. Why not? What could go wrong?

Actually, not a lot, as it turned out. The recipe calls for freeze-dried corn powder, which I did not have on hand, shockingly. So I Googled for substitutes and came up with a bevy of sites that talked about how their try at the recipe had turned out disastrously and that it was too sweet and just not worth the hype. And most people who didn’t special order the corn powder just ended up using corn starch or all-purpose flour. No big. But now I was worried. Would this be one of those times where I should’ve made a test batch before inflicting it upon my neighbors? At a zillion calories a slice, that wasn’t much of an option.

I decided to inject a little red and blue into the day by adding strawberries and blueberries to the pie before it went into the oven. In it went, at 350 degrees, then turned down to 325. Now, the recipe says that after 5-10 minutes at 325 degrees, the sides should be set and just the center jiggly. My pie, conversely, sloshed like a pool at a water park. It ultimately set, but only after I’d turned down the oven some more (to 310) and left it for another 20 minutes.

Fast forward to dinner. I grabbed said pies from the freezer where they were chillin’, and took them out to the party. I hadn’t added Pam to the pie pans, since there was so much butter in the crust, I figured it couldn’t possibly stick. I was wrong. It took a Ninja knife to extract those slices. But truly, once the pie was on the plates, my neighbors devoured it like they hadn’t eaten in a month. And then came back for more. So I’d say my berry version of Crack Pie was a success.

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