OSCARS Contest! Movie Mashup

Feb 21, 2013 by

OSCARS Contest! Movie Mashup

I LOVE Oscar night. I love everything about the Oscars. I love the movies, I love the dresses, I love guessing the winners even when I haven’t seen the films. And since I now live on the West Coast, I love the fact that it ends before midnight.

Now I fully admit to totally stealing this idea from something I saw on alumni friend board on Facebook last week. But it was so much fun, and the results so entertaining, that I hope I’ll be forgiven. Besides, I’ve tweaked it a little in honor of the Academy Awards.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to take any film that has even been nominated for an Oscar and mash up its title with another movie to make one really bizarro film. For example, A Bug’s Life of Pi (which combines A Bug’s Life with Life of Pi). Put your contributions in a comment below and you can win a $10 iTunes gift card!!

So, to recap the rules:

1. At least one of the films in the title mash-up must have been at least nominated for an Oscar.

2. The result must make you happy.

The big winner will be announced on Monday, Feb. 25, after I’ve emerged from my Academy Awards haze.

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