Knitter’s Dilemma: What to Make Next

Mar 7, 2013 by

Knitter’s Dilemma: What to Make Next

So I have a little bit of yarn, and I need a one-skein project. It’s fabulous yarn – Plymouth Earth’s Ecco Cashmere. I made a pair of mittens with it (that took less than one skein!) and they were as light as air and soft as a kitten. And warm, so very warm.

I haven’t actually knit anything outside some church-related charity hats and scarves because we got a rescue dog in October, and he likes to snuggle at night. He also thinks that yarn is a dog toy. But recently, he seems to be a little less lap-needy and I think I might be ready to head back to my needles. But what to make?

Like all good knitters, I head to Ravelry. Type in a couple search terms like my limited yardage and the weight of the yarn, and boom! I now have more ideas than I know what to do with. But here are my final four possible choices:

Crooked Little Scarf

Photo by KnitSpot

Crooked Little Scarf by Anne Hanson

This scarf looks simple and totally elegant. I’ve knit easy lace before and it’s easy to get into a visual rhythm where you don’t really need to consult a pattern after a couple repeats.

Cashmere Mittens by Pierrot Yarns

Copyright Pierrot Yarns

Cashmere Mittens by Pierrot

I love love love cables. This project would be more challenging with the increases and decreases, not to mention the thumb shaping, but the finished product would be totally worth it.

Antelope Island Scarf by Virgina Catherall

Photo by Virginia Catherall


Antelope Island Scarf by Virginia Catherall

This scarf has a little bit more challenge to it, but I love the dropped stitches making up the scalloped edge.

Garter Cable Wristlets

Photo by Classic Elite Yarns

Garter Cable Wristlets by Amy Loberg

This pair of fingerless mitts might be the winner. I love how the pattern is knit long-ways rather than in the round, and have I mentioned I’m a sucker for cables?

What do you all think I should make?

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