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Jun 30, 2012 by

Golly. My first post. So, to my family and the three friends who will be checking this out, let me say hello, and thanks for reading. While I’d like to be to go-to stop for everyone who’s looking for interesting things, I’ll settle at the beginning for providing entertainment to anyone who stumbles in.

You may have some questions for me. If I may be so bold, I will anticipate some of them for you.

What’s Empress of the Everyday all about?

There are people who get to travel every other month to Paris, or Beijing, or who blog about their passion for sky-diving. I am not that blogger. My idea of a perfect day is watch some television, read, sleep, eat some good chocolate, and laugh as much as I can. I like to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, those amazing things you see or read or encounter every day just going about your daily business. So in the interest of giving shout-outs to the things I find in my everyday life, I’ve begun this blog.

Why should I listen to you?

Because I have impeccable taste, that’s why. And because your mother said so. I do hope, for anyone who drops by, that if you have been bowled over by a book, song, video, internet meme, piece of art, recipe, or anything that makes you happy, you’ll let me know.

What’s this about a book?

At the end of the summer, my first novel, Daedalus Rising, will by released by Booktrope Publishing. I will undoubtedly be engaging in many posts of blatant self-promotion, because I’m kind of proud of this book, and I really want it to find an audience.

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