Happy 1st Anniversary to Summer Melody! (with a Giveaway!!)

Oct 21, 2013 by

Happy 1st Anniversary to Summer Melody! (with a Giveaway!!)

It just hit me that one year ago this week, Summer Melody was launched! An entire year has passed–really quickly, I might add.

So I first want to thank anyone and everyone who’s supported me in this last year by reading, buying, or recommending Summer Melody; who’s given me space on their blog to do a guest post or podcast; who’s posted a review of the book on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, or GoodReads; or who’s generally wished me well. I also want to continue to thank Booktrope, who continues to come up with marketing ideas that get it out there to new readers. It’s crazy to me, but you all should be happy to know that the novel has gained traction in recent months and is selling better now than it was in the first few months it was released.

Here are the top 5 truths (as I see it) about being a published author:

5. The laundry still needs to be done at the same frequency as before the novel was published.

4. You do not get to quit your day job (or at least, I haven’t been able to…).

3. No matter how well your book is doing, you will know other writers who are doing better, and it will bring up all sorts of dark feelings that you thought you conquered after high school, even while you sincerely are thrilled with those writers’ successes.

2. It’s really really fun to hear your kids brag about you having published a book.

1. The thrill of having someone approach you and tell you that they enjoyed your book never EVER gets old.

As part of my gratitude to everyone who’s supported me in this journey, I want to give away a $20 Amazon gift card and a signed copy of Summer Melody. You can enter by leaving a comment below; I’ll pick a name at random on November 1!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Shannon, who is the big giveaway winner! I’ll be emailing her with the details. Thanks to everyone who commented and visited my blog!! You guys are the best.


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