Five Things I Learned at Vogue Knitting Seattle

Apr 8, 2013 by

Five Things I Learned at Vogue Knitting Seattle

Yarnbombed pillar at Vogue Knitting Seattle

Yarn art is everywhere!

1. Yarn artists are crazy talented and make me feel like a total slacker.

2. I want to own a yarn store in a big bad way. I can’t afford one and have no time to make one a success, but boy, I think it would be fun.

Multicolor knitted glass bowl by Carol Milne

Knitted Glass (!) by Carol Milne


3. I already knew this, but this weekend just reconfirmed my finding – that knitters are supremely nice people. I have yet to meet a rude knitter who makes me want to shoot her the bird when her back is turned.

Yarn artist Ashley Blalock with red wall doily and pink crocheted flowers

Textile artist Ashley Blalock

Vogue Knitting Seattle Marketplace

Vogue Knitting Seattle Marketplace


4. Japanese sweater patterns are ├╝ber-cool, but will require all my concentration to figure out the basics of amount of yarn needed, needle size, etc., because the patterns are, yanno, in Japanese.
5. I need more yarn.

Hazel Knits Yarn Baskets

Hazel Knits Yarn – I covet…

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