Elvis Ice Cream

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Elvis Ice Cream

Because I’m just coming off a diet, I figure what better way to celebrate than by making ice cream. Right now, every health and weight counselor is rolling their eyes and tsk-tsk-ing at me. I know, I know. Actually, I didn’t intentionally set out to sabotage my good work, but the irony is not lost on me.

Anyway, back to the ice cream. I had some ripe frozen bananas that I wanted to use, so I decided to make some peanut butter ice cream to throw them into. But because Ben and Jerry never stop at one extra, neither would I. I also decided to add some mini-pretzels and mini chocolate chips. At this point, it had sufficient excess that I figured the King himself might have bypassed one of his fluffer-nutter sandwiches for this, so I dubbed it Elvis ice cream.

This is only my second batch of ice cream, and I am still shocked to find out how easy making ice cream is. I took my base recipe from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream at Home cookbook by Jeni Britton Bauer. Jeni’s, for you non-Ohioans, is a Columbus based ice cream wonder, literally swoon-worthy ice creams.

Ice cream base

Photo by Toddie Downsi

Step 1. The base. Heat milk, cream, sugar and honey to boiling in a large pot (I apparently did not use one that was large enough, since it boiled over and gave me a mammoth mess) and let it boil for several minutes. Then add a slurry of corn starch and milk to that and reheat it until it thickens just slightly.

Step 2. Add the hot liquid a little at a time to a bowl which has warmed cream cheese and peanut butter whisked together. (I’m intentionally leaving off amounts so as not to violate copyright on Jeni’s recipe. Most ice cream bases are pretty similar, though, so you should be able to find a base recipe and follow the process pretty easily.).

Step 3. Ladle the peanut butter base into a gallon zip-lock bag and set it in a large bowl filled with ice water to chill for 30 minutes.

Ice cream base

Photo by Toddie Downsi

Step 4. Pour the base into your ice cream maker and let it go. [Tangent: My first batch of ice cream I used a Sunbeam motorized ice cream maker and was so angry with it by the end of the process that I almost didn’t want the ice cream. Almost. This time, I used the ice cream attachment that goes with my Cuisinart mixer and my life was much much happier.]

Banana, pretzels and chocolate

Photo by Toddie Downs

Step 5. Fold in the extras. The ice cream at this stage is really soft, so it folds easily.

Step 6. Freeze for several hours. Seriously. Otherwise it’s just yummy mush.

I will say, this ice cream tastes fantastic. And since it has bananas in it, it really should qualify as a health food. Elvis thinks so too.

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