Autism: Give Up on the Idea of Limits

Oct 19, 2012 by

Honest to Pete, I find so many cool things on Facebook. I could click on my friends’ picks all day. But this one struck a particular chord with me.

If you buy my novel Summer Melody (shameless plug alert!!), you will soon find that there is a child in the book who is on the autism spectrum. As a pediatric speech language therapist, I’ve worked with a lot of children with autism, and they can be challenging, inspiring, frustrating, funny and wonderful – in short, like all kids everywhere. This is not to negate the challenges of this condition to themselves, their caregivers and therapists, but just to note that limits or lowered expectations may be easy to apply and hard to shake off sometimes.

So I saw this video on Facebook today about Katy Perry singing with Jodi DiPiazza, a girl with autism. It’s a plug for Comedy Central‘s Night of Too Many Stars, and it’s amazing. But the quote that really stuck at me was Jodi’s dad talking during the preview video. He said, “…I’ve taken off that idea that there’s some limit on her, because she continually proves that that’s not true.”

You go, Jodi! Rock the world!