Assembling the Sublime Sandwich

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Assembling the Sublime Sandwich

Not to toot my own horn, but I make a truly kick-butt sandwich. It’s a gift. Seriously, if I weren’t such a slacker, I could start a sandwich shop and people would pay money for my creations. But since that sounds like hard work, it’s far easier for me to teach you the secrets of supreme sandwich-dom. Hey, you know the saying: Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he’ll spend all your money buying rods and lures and ties and whatnot. Wait, that’s not it…

Sandwich building can be broken down into elements. A perfect sandwich, one that will have normally sane people drooling at you like a zombie, lies in pairing of out-of-the-box elements.

The bread: Now, obviously, the better the bread, the better the sandwich. Good bread can elevate a mediocre sandwich to good, and good to freakin’ awesome. However, let me utter something blasphemous. You can still get a really amazing sandwich out of your basic supermarket bread or even the “thinwiches” that take away some of the calorie count.

The spread: Your obvious choices are mayo or Miracle Whip. This section is also where lots of your flavored condiments go, like mustard or horseradish. But you can really use your imagination here – the spread is one of those places where you can inject an unexpected flavor that will make the eater sit up and go “Whuhhhh??? Must have more….” An olive tapenade falls in this category. Or pesto. Or hummus. Or goat cheese. Give me more of your ideas in the comments section of what your favorites are.

The filling: Here, the sky is the limit. For us carnivores, there’s deli meats. Or consider using leftover meat from the fridge. Who doesn’t have recurring delicious dreams of post-Thanksgiving leftover roast-turkey sandwiches? For non-meat eaters, there’s all number of fantastic vegetable pairings – preferably roasted, so it’s easier to bite into and not have pieces spilling all over creation and your plate.

The crunch: Here it is. The number one key to a successful sandwich. It’s all in the texture. A sandwich that’s mostly soft and easy to bite into can be perfectly yummy. But if you add just a bit of crunch to it, now it becomes a carnival in your mouth. So what sorts of things work for the crunch factor? Really good crisp lettuce. Apple slices. Bean sprouts. Sliced fennel. Potato chips. You laugh, but try it and tell me I’m wrong.

The binder: This is optional, but especially if you’re going to make this a hot sandwich, it helps to hold it all together. Basically, we’re talking cheese here, whatever kind floats your boat. I don’t have a problem with dairy, but if you do, I’m sure there must be meltable options out there. What you you guys like to use?

So there you have it. The secrets to a perfect sandwich. I bet if you mentally deconstruct some of your favorite all time sandwiches, you’ll see that it contained most or all of the above elements. What’s been in the most perfect sandwich YOU’VE ever eaten?


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