About Toddie Downs

Photo by Anne Lindsay

I am a writer, editor, musician, knitter, mom, wife, cook, reader and general Renaissance woman living outside of Seattle, Washington. I am average, although I do not mean that as an insult or a put-down – and my family would undoubtedly try to convince you otherwise. I have a gift, however, of living a very large life on a relatively small scale, of finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.  I am the empress of the everyday, curator of the curious. Sure, I could tell you about the mountains I’ve climbed, the oceans I’ve explored, but those would be lies (which I generally reserve just for my annual Christmas letter). Instead, I can truthfully tell you I have scaled many foothills and plumbed the depths of a Ben and Jerry’s carton.

From my tastefully cluttered desk in Washington, I write and collect evidence of the things that make me happy, wordplay that makes me laugh, stories that show the majesty of ordinary people like myself.